Minecraft Server Transfers

  • Friday, 7th February, 2020
  • 08:20am

UPDATE (FEB 8, 2020 5:30PM CST)

So here's what's going on - obviously, your servers have not been moved yet. We've experienced some technical difficulties among some other delays along the way, which gave us far less time to work with than we would have liked. We're going to be extending the current NYC node, but we understand that some of you are having network and other performance issues. We are hoping to start offering limited server moves as soon as tomorrow for those customers that need it most, and we're going to be expediting the rest of the server moves to happen this week. Please open a ticket for further information.


What's Going On?

We are going to be transferring all current Minecraft server clients to our company-owned hardware in Chicago, IL.

This transfer is expected to happen late tonight or early tomorrow (CST Time Zone). We will be fully testing the transfers beforehand on various test servers, but taking backups of critical files is - of course - highly advised.

If you don't have an external way of notifying your players of an IP change or simply want more time, please let us know via DM or ticket (1) your server ID and (2) your email address and we can give you more time to prepare. We can allow you to keep your current server(s) until tomorrow night.

Please remember this is the last IP change we will ever ask you to do. Our Chicago location features fully company-owned hardware and IP addresses, allowing us far more control.

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