December 31, 2020 - End of Year Announcements

  • Thursday, 31st December, 2020
  • 17:00pm
End of the Year Sale
On behalf of the WinterNode Team, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and thank everyone for being apart of the WinterNode Family. Stay on the look out for exciting updates as we enter 2021 and checkout some of these great promotions ending soon!
The following coupons will expire/change by January 2nd. These coupons cannot be applied to pre-existing services. They are valid on new orders only.
SpringNode/FallNode 10% Recurring
2020 30% First-Month
MineMexUHC 20% 3-Months
PhoenixNodes :blobsad: 15% Recurring

Paper - Java 11
As many of you have seen, we use Java 1.8 for the majority of our client's game servers. On December 2, 2020, PaperMC released an announcement regarding the Minecraft 1.17 release.

After testing with a small handful of beta-testers since the announcement, we've come to the conclusion that it should be safe to upgrade all our PaperMC users on 1.12.2+ to Java 11. Please contact our team immediately if you are using Forge or pre-1.12.2 PaperMC as your server may break.

We've slated the backend changes for January 13, 2020 at 3PM Central Time. After this window the next time your server restarts it will be upgrade to run on Java 11, and get rid of those pesky paper warning messages.

Eggs Update

In addition to updating Paper, we're rolling out a couple new eggs for customers looking for Velocity & Fabric, while updating/consolidating the current eggs we run in the backend to prepare for next year!


This year alone, we've brought on 4 awesome partners that we love working with daily. We introduced the #partners for them to promote their services/deals for our WinterNode members.

Two of the other partners, are Content Creators! (Streams their Minecraft Server on Mondays) and (Variety Streamer).

We're always on the look out for new faces to work with. Feel free to contact our Team to Get Started!

Trial Plans

We evaluated our data and noticed a trend in unsatisfactory experience with plans lower than 3-4GB, we've updated our system accordingly to match better expectations.

Our Trial Plans now run at 3GB, and now allow the ability to upgrade to a paid service.

⚠️Don't forget! Your server data is unrecoverable upon service termination.

Support & Reviews

We'd like to thank our clients for asking awesome questions that are answered by both our #community-support and our own Support Team. Together we've replied to thousands of tickets and chat messages.

Clients like you have given us a solid 4.7/5 rating with 5-stars across the board in our recent reviews. Interested in reading or leaving a review? Check them out here!

Thank you! As always if you have any suggestions please voice them. We are always looking to improve upon your experience.

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